Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Picture a world without technology

It is said that technology is simply the use of knowledge, tools, materials, and processes to alter the natural world in order to satisfy human requirements and needs. Humans use technology to design, problem solve, invent, and innovate solutions to everyday problems. Captivating and monitoring nature continues to be a vital purpose of technology.

Is it possible to learn / teach without new technologies? Technology has changed the way we do things and it will continue to influence change.  We are willing to continue to learn and grow communication skills.

Is our everyday conversation changing?  I am sure, during my great-grandmother’s days  conversations went somewhat like this; “did you hear about…” My grandmother was from the generation of listening to the radio and then verbal communication took over again with family and friends passing along what they heard.  The conversation would have been “I heard on the radio that…”  When television came along, we all felt immediately connected even though some news took longer to report. The conversation may have started by “did you see on the news that….”or “did you read in the newspaper…..”  So how are our conversations today?  How many times do you hear today “I saw on-line that…”? Instead of introducing yourself we tend to say  ”why don’t you Google me “.......