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This fully updated edition of Craig Mertler’s proven text introduces practicing educators to the process of conducting classroom-based action research. Practical and comprehensive, the book focuses on research methods and procedures that educators can use with their everyday instructional practices, classroom activities, and school procedures. Emphasizing the integration of professional reflection throughout the process and action research as job-embedded professional development, Mertler provides insightful coverage of the knowledge and skills needed to design research studies, conduct research, and communicate findings to relevant stakeholders and interested parties. This Fourth Edition adds coverage of high-interest topics, such as teacher empowerment and evaluation, Google Scholar, mixed-methods research designs, ethics, and much more.

Part I: “What Is Action Research?”
Chapter 1: Introduction to Action Research
Chapter 2: Overview of the Action Research Process
Part II: “How Do I Begin My Action Research Study?”
Chapter 3: Planning for Action Research
Chapter 4: Developing a Research Plan
Part III: “What Do I Do With All These Data?”
Chapter 5: Collecting Data
Chapter 6: Analyzing Data
Part IV: “I’ve Got Results!...Now What?”
Chapter 7: Next Steps and Future Cycles: Developing an Action Plan
Chapter 8: Writing an Action Research Report
Chapter 9: Sharing and Reflecting

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