Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Learning Styles

If you were one of those people who struggled through school, you may have felt like you weren’t smart enough and that you’d never be able to catch up to your fellow classmates.

Sadly, it happens all too frequently with students right through high school, college and beyond.

However, if you’ve ever felt this way, then it’s very possible that you weren’t being taught according to your learning style.

Luckily, you can totally avoid this problem with independent language learning. As an independent language learner, you can tailor your instruction in a way that best suits you.

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Foreign Languages Department and Department of Polish for Foreigners, since 1976.

She is  Polish Language Teacher as well as Teacher of English, English Literature, English Drama, Business English and different English Exam Preparation (Cambridge FCE).
Education - University of Wroclaw Poland, Philology, Linguistics Jul 1969.
·       1974 M.A. thesis Efficiency of Polish Phonological Systems, the work was written under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hab. Jerzy Woronczak. The effectiveness of Polish Phonological and Phonemic Structure: evaluation of the Excellent.
·       1979, she started a Ph.D. thesis on; Theoretical Ground Rules of The Stages of Effective Communication. She had not finished her dissertation.
·       July 1994 – Diploma Proficiency British Consul.
·       June 1995 - Diploma of the Polish-American Postgraduate Study of Communication in The Organization and Management, organized by
Wroclaw Polytechnics, the University of Wroclaw and Central Connecticut State University.

at Wroclaw University of Technology
·       October 1st, 1976 University Assistant
·       1980 Senior Assistant
·       1986 University Lecturer
·       1992 Senior University Lecturer
·       1995 – 2000 Senior Lecturer at Polish-American Postgraduate Study of Communication in The Organization and Management
·       2011 Premium Teacher on WizIQ
·       October 2013 Freelance Senior Lecturer at Wroclaw University of Technology

She has been teaching Polish as a foreign language and English, since 1976.
M.A. Halina Ostańkowicz-Bazan also gives lectures in English on Polish History and Culture for students from all over the world. She has been looking for some inspiration and learning how to teach using new technologies, since 2010.  WizIQ fascinated her since she found the Platform.

In addition to this, Halina is extremely interested in Cultural Diversity. Furthermore, she believes that teaching language using songs is a powerful and enjoyable way of improving communication skills. Her educational approach recommends singing a language, meaning that we don’t speak the language, but we sing it.
Halina is a long-life learner, so she has been working on improving her teaching/learning skills for a very long time.
Additionally, she is for blended learning as well as flipping classroom techniques. She also finds Virtual Classes tremendously exciting and challenging, as they make attendees feel like having a real meeting and discussion. In Halina’s view, Visual quality and non-verbal communication tools, you can share with attendees are particularly significant. Moreover, an opportunity to communicate online with people from around the world is an overwhelming experience as well as an excellent chance to connect for teaching and learning. An occasion to meet and connect with people from the entire Globe is one of the reasons she appreciates online communication, very much.