Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Interview with Marek Kiczkowiak

Interview with Marek Kiczkowiak

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Marek shares his work in raising awareness of native speakerism with employers, teacher training organisations and customers. Marek looks at the need to discuss global English, address the different training needs and prepare trainees and learners expectations as best we can.

Marek points to the weak link in the cycle when he mentions marketers and agents.  I think students are open-minded about who they will consider a "real" teacher. It may be the prejudice of their parents that keeps this system going as well.  How are you going to reach the marketers? Do they go to conferences? Are they keeping up with the myriad of changes that come with our profession? If they do not, then it will be quite difficult for them to be on the side of the students and promote learning from a well-qualified teacher of whatever background.  Once the seller makes it clear that a product is no longer on offer, the buyers will have to adjust their wants to what is available.  Who doesn't enjoy a good rotary dial telephone?? But they are no longer for sale so we move on and make do with our smartphones.  And lo and behold, calls go through.  The same will happen in TEFL if agents can get the customer to move on to the next generation of product. 
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I am a Non- Native English Online Teacher looking for the line of work for a long time.
The biggest problem is my nonnativeness.
I have been offering English Conversational Online Courses for some time and had a lot of students participating for free.
Alas, when it comes to paid courses, nobody has decided to sign, nonetheless.
I would require the necessary question about how dependable is a teacher, what science does he use, what are the methods and the teaching effectiveness.