Sunday, June 21, 2015

What do you think about THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION

We are observing  “a revolution in education.” We know that improving technology play a distinctive role in the evolution, and traditional foundations will face challenges in the future.
I have been looking for initial findings on the future of the 21st-century education.
As a passionate teacher, I am interested how do I best educate my the students?
It is not about what I teach, but about how I teach them.
According to the recent literature, on the subject, today’s education is behind new requirements and technologies.
There is a vibrant debate about preparing teachers to use new technics as well as how up-to-date educators might become more“future-oriented” and familiar with new skills.
I am interested in discussing these thoughts with others.
Certainly, we should take into account the varied nature of education, which is especially significant,  in developing countries.
I do not try to search for a universal remedy of worldwide education with not the same needs. It would be unrealistic.
Although, the future education will become more technically driven, I need to underline that new technology is not going to substitute students in a classroom.
More than that, it will neither replace the social life nor the progress learners they go through as part of their study.
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