Monday, May 12, 2014

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About Halina’s approach to teaching/learning languages

Firstly, teachers should introduce the new possibilities and reflect on engaging students in lifelong language learning. Secondly, teachers should look into the role of a coach/mentor and get learner/teacher in collaboration with students. Education needs to be focused on teaching students how to learn a new language, online and in the community. The teachers should be facilitators, who present new training tools and help students to cooperate as well as act as a team, so they are in control of their language knowledge.  This way students can become independent, mindful learners. 

Moreover, students should be in charge of their own studies. Language tutor ought to be helping them to identify their unique language learning style and then select the suitable activities they would be working on. This means that eventually students will be prepared to take responsibility for their own improvement as well as develop a remarkable learning experience.

Furthermore, grades would be no longer the goal; on the contrary, the primary reason could be described as flexibility in spoken language and confidentiality in communication with diversity of speakers.
Additionally, there will be still high quality self-assessments of the ability to communicate in the language. For instance, learners will be requested to confirm true commitment and relationship with native speakers. Connecting based on verbal conversation or written communication is THE MUST nowadays.

Since the Internet is such a rich resource, we can use it as a key component in a language learning/teaching contribution. It is a powerful instrument that allows us to make a significant contribution to students’ progress. At the same time, we should bear in mind that the Internet is correspondingly the perfect tool to have beneficial communication with native speakers.

To sum up, what I have just written are my thoughts about XXI century teaching/ learning regarding optionally and supplementary techniques to be considered. 
Being a language teacher for a very long time has made me look for some new ways and inspirations to encourage independent and self-directed learners.
I would like to hear from anybody who is involved in language education. Discussing new methods and technics available in the 21st century education as well as having some communication and creative dialogue with learners / teachers from all over the world. It is my passion and vision of general improvement.