Sunday, January 18, 2015

Teaching with Technology: Week 1

This is Nellie's introduction to the Teaching with Technology online course.
And this is Dr. Nellie's article describing not only this particular course , but also some basic information about education online.
I followed the instructions and set my course;
I also conducted the first live class;
The meeting was very nice. It was a great pleasure to have a wonderful conversation with my online friends such as ;
Iwona Filip, Poland
Brian Boneham, United Kingdom
Nives Torresi, Italy
Jakub Kalinowski, Poland
Guadalupe Ortega, Mexico
María Jesús García San Martín, Spain
Prem Kumar Behera, Indie
Generally speaking, it was supposed to be an introduction to the values of being fluent in English as well as how not to learn foreign languages to escape from widespread learning mistakes.
I was presenting my teaching and learning experience and we were talking about our tutoring methods and discussing a value of English for communication approach.