Wednesday, April 23, 2014

About Halina's Karaoke ESL Edupunk

 Halina's Karaoke ESL Edupunk classes where my original materials to go with the song.
As for “are there gender-based or L1-based observable differences in their learning performance patterns in response to these two kinds of presentations?"
I would say that all depends on the requirements of particular learners as well as on our personal teaching preferences.
I introduce a new language by listening to real conversations, and all lessons are made up of talking and listening only. I teach grammar basically through situations with no reference to grammar rules at all.
 I don't teach grammar rules and isolated vocabulary. I teach conversational language.
My adult students are not into “abstract timelines or cartoon stick-figure-based presentations “.They want to speak the language, so I focus on dialogs and communication skills.
This is the link to previous debate;
As a non-native English teacher, I can be first-rate role model for my students who may not believe that they can ever learn the target language ("I learned this language well so you can too!").Personally I am against methods that emphasize learning about the language but for learning by using the language/ Expressions, collocations, models, patterns, language chunks......./
For my part, I don't approve grammar classes explaining rules and language terminology.
Moreover, I believe, the sooner a student learns to think in a foreign language, the faster she/he will learn. This can only take place if no reference at all is made to L1. They must be free from the interference of L1.
Maybe I am wrong?
On the top of this all, I distinguish that anyone who is learning a second language wishes and dreams about communicating as well as thinking in that language.
Teachers are duty-bound to take responsibility of effectiveness and encouragement of their own students, I think.

PS traditional method teaches you to read and write but not speak. Speaking is the main reason for learning a language and the main motivational driver that keeps you trying and improving. / Jason West /