Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Part I:Presentation by Dr. Cheryl Lentz

You are invited to meet American Dr. Cheryl Lentz, from Albuquerque NM.  She is the International Best Selling Author, Professor, & Speaker, known as The Academic Entrepreneur™. The world is in desperate need of leaders willing to take risks, blaze new trails, and question boundaries to take our society into the future. Sometimes this leadership is with a grand gesture; sometimes leadership simply comes softly. Dr. Cheryl is one of these innovators, critical and refractive thinkers, and leaders who is audacious and bold.  She is willing to  question what we are doing and why, often asking why not, willing to search for answers to questions not yet even asked. Join her as she comes to speak at Foreign Language Center of WRUT to share effective new teaching strategies using emerging technologies in the classroom to enhance student engagement and retention.

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