Friday, August 5, 2016

The Learning Styles

Let’s look at some ways you can retain the richness of social learning as you make the move to online.

The magic of people in learning

Well-designed face-to-face learning has some great features going for it:

  1. Stories and example sharing: rich sources of learning that tend to stick in people’s minds
  2. Observations: people can practice a skill and be observed by peers or an expert, who provide feedback
  3. Collaborative learning: where people work together on a task and learn from one another
  4. Expert guidance: facilitators who provide knowledge, demos, and feedback
  5. Competition: there might be some competitive elements that encourage learning to take place. Whether it’s formal or informal, people often try to perform well in front of peers, especially when given tasks to complete and share with others
  6. Informal learning: never underestimate the power of the ‘down time’ chats and the networking that inevitably take place— these all work toward the learning goals

The big question is WHAT IS YOUR LEARNING STYLE???