Friday, April 14, 2017

Halina's Online English Classes

I am a passionate non- native English teacher from Poland. Teaching is a big part of my life. With that understanding, I am a lifelong scholar.
I am in a blended learning/ training and flipped classroom.
The traditional physical classroom settings for my lessons are not efficient enough.
In my view, technology gives us many new possibilities.
I prefer blended learning, which means, taking advantage of both, traditional f2f techniques and opportunities confronted by new technologies.
An occasion to meet and connect with people from the entire Globe is one of the reasons I appreciate online communication, very much.
I retired in October 2013 and signed for a freelance Senior Lecturer occupation at the Wroclaw University of Technology.
At present, I am going to continue taking and giving online English courses. What is more, I am confidently getting ready to finalize my online project Halina’s English

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