Thursday, April 20, 2017

Inquiry-Based Learning: Developing Student-Driven Questions

As a language teacher, I use all kinds of tricks just because making students speak and building their self-confidence in keeping the conversation going is the most essential for me. When I teach Polish, my foreigners and I have to speak only Polish, and also my English classes are run wholly in English. I teach without a bridge language. This way they are required to forget about native language and start speaking as well as thinking in a foreign language. Thinking in a foreign language, this is basically what I want my learners to achieve. My students learn the language in different contexts, mostly singing phrases, expressions, collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs also telling stories. Moreover, I prompt them to speak to everybody, even to themselves in a foreign linguistic communication. Consequently, they can communicate as well as discuss a variety of beautiful narrations. Many teachers spend most of their time altering each other’s errors.
Nevertheless, I correct only fundamental mistakes, as I don’t want students to stop talking. I also encourage my learners to listen to songs, see flicks with captions in a language they learn, read a lot and then forward.